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· PoetSpeak has an advisory board that helps with performances, and PoetSpeak and editor with policy issues. Members serve flexible      periods, and at functions they chose. Board members can be poets, community people or business people. Your offer to serve is welcome at any time.


· PoetSpeak functions as a non-profit                organization, with funding provided from         attendance revenues and donations of funds and labor; individual and  corporate gifts and contributions are always  welcome.


· PoetSpeak is a forum for all poets, worldwide, who write poetry in English that is “Accessible, useful and enjoyable.” PoetSpeak’s mission is to help people put creative insight together, thus facilitating synergies of thinking outside the box..


· PoetSpeak publishes anthologies


· PoetSpeak is available for newspapers and magazines as a FREE Poetry column.


· PoetSpeak sponsors and encourages local poets everywhere to meet, share and critique poems. Email Editor so we can post meeting places and times.


· PoetSpeak will, with invitation, arrange poetry readings by individual writers or small group of PoetSpeak poets for special events. Contact Editor.




Kurt Kristensen

Sherwood, Oregon



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