· PoetSpeak believes our culture is enriched by poetic insight in poetry and song.


· PoetSpeak believes that each of us has a poem or a song, at one time or another, that needs sharing.


· PoetSpeak believes that valuable poems are created by children as well as adults, men as well as women.


· PoetSpeak believes that there is great value in reading and listening to poetry produced by poets of widely different cultural and experiential backgrounds.

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Kurt Kristensen

Sherwood, Oregon



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· PoetSpeak will work passionately to arrange performances of poets from all walks of life, culture and gender.


· PoetSpeak will work with schools, teachers and students to participate in public performances, and to set up PoetSpeak school performances.


· PoetSpeak will publish poetry columns in magazines and newspapers to reach readers that do not ordinarily read poetry.


· PoetSpeak will publish quality and affordable anthologies containing all poems performed at each public performance.


· PoetSpeak will publish a yearly Best of PoetSpeak Anthology.


· PoetSpeak will work passionately to create a community of poets.


· PoetSpeak will make FREE audio and video recordings for distribution to school and  public libraries.


· PoetSpeak will maintain a web site featuring representative poetry of poets appearing on PoetSpeak performances.

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