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Kurt Kristensen

Sherwood, Oregon



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Text Box: PoetSpeak Salon

We host small monthly gatherings at our home in Sherwood, Oregon on Friday or Saturday evenings, from 6-10 P.M.; typically 6-12 attend people. Subjects mingle:


· Art

· Community

· Sustainability

· Politics

· Education


Please Email us to inquire about an evening you would like to attend.


A literary “Salon” hails from ageless practices of    people meeting to share, discuss and critique art.


Additionally, PoetSpeak Salon is a great opportunity for discussions on livable communities, environment, trails, parks and similar passionate issues


We provide home-made soup and bread, and a       relaxed environment, with a cozy fire place on cold evenings, and a wide, shaded deck on warm nights.


Participants are invited to bring fruits, wine, cheese and similar morsels.


Participants are a mixture of active artists, their friends and spouses, as well as other creative and proactive people from the Portland, Oregon community.         Occasionally a musician will sing and play.


We pronounce the word “Salon” as “Saloon” to       emphasize, in part, the relaxed atmosphere and our   casual attitude to literary endeavors.


Artists are invited to bring a folder of new work and be prepared to share their work with the group, one poem at a time. This forum emphasizes listening and      suggests silent approval rather than analysis.


Other creative people invited are musicians, song   writers, painters, teachers and community activists.


If you are interested in joining us for a PoetSpeak   Salon, please email us (see email above) with your name, address, phone number and date you are     interested in coming. Please include some general background information about yourself as well, and do let us know why you are interested in coming.


We will confirm your attendance when sign-ups reach 12 people, and remind you 7 days before event.


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