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Kurt Kristensen

Sherwood, Oregon



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· PoetSpeakusa BLOG is a writers’ interactive forum to support writers all over the world who write poetry in the English language in their quest to get peer review, and to get the benefit of a safe place of sharing.


· The first posting should be made to Editor; this first posting allows PoetSpeak to have your email and contact data for publication data when a magazine or newspaper contacts us for permission to publish your poem.


· PoetSpeakusa BLOG is a portal to build a greater community of poetry writers who       believe in the importance of writing poems that are “accessible, useful and enjoyable” for all the people who have been too intimidated by complex poetry to read any poetry.


· PoetSpeakusa BLOG is also a platform to  publish more PoetSpeak anthologies;          see PoetSpeakusa Anthology.


· PoetSpeakusa Blog Link


· After posting your first poem on Poetspeakusa Blog you can email your poem directly to the blog at PoetSpeakusa-Blog. Type the title of your poem in the subject line of your e-mail and paste the poem into body of the e-mail. At the bottom of the email type your name, city and state. After posting your poem via e-mail, go to and refresh your page; your poem will appear within minutes.


· If your email posting does not appear on the Blog within 24 hours, email your poem to    Editor for posting.


· PoetSpeakusa encourages writers to post comments about any poem they find             interesting, or in need of improvement. Please read your fellow writers’ poems and leave a compassionate comment.


· PoetSpeakusa encourages writers to re-post a poem if it is revised with forum suggestions; writer might post a comment acknowledging feedback. Writers might post revisions as    “Title Vs. 1” or “Title Vs. 2,” and “Title Final Vs.”


· PoetSpeak protects writers’ privacy; if you wish to contact a writer directly, please ask us to contact writer with your request. You are free to type your e-mail into a comment.