· They are writers that have been creating for a long time, honing and practicing both their written, verbal and body-language delivery.  Click here for list of featured poets


· In future PoetSpeak performances featured poets will be writers who have demonstrated an ability to share the poetry in at a PoetSpeak Saloon event.





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· Poets appear out of the blue, with a shy phone call, a hesitating email, or with a friend calling to recommend them. They are the heart, blood and back bone of everything that is PoetSpeak.


· They are people foremost, and poets next; they have poetry in their souls and hearts.


· They often have been writing since childhood; some because they “had” to, some because it “helped” them, and others—simply for joy.


· PoetSpeak poets often have a sense of urgency that they have collected a rare insight that deserves a wider hearing.


Kurt Kristensen

Sherwood, Oregon



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Poems submitted should be pasted into email.

Include poet’s name, phone number and address.



· PoetSpeak has limited copyright to all poems published under the PoetSpeak umbrella;      PoetSpeak is granted the right to publish poems in PoetSpeak Anthologies, on PoetSpeak    website, in PoetSpeak columns and on radio and television shows.


· PoetSpeak and poets encourage you to download a copy of your favorite poems .

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