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Suzanne Graham

  Dolphin feeding        


A shimmering sea, a moonlit beach

and a gathering of primal shapes...

They come in ones and twos -

a streak amidst the swirl of wave and foam,

shadows glinting silver in the moonlight -

metallic gray made shining hide.


Close enough for me to see old scars

each dolphin takes the fish quite gently from my hands,

then nudges boldly for a second course,

a wet eye gleaming in anticipation...


This is a meeting of elements,

a mutual venturing forth.

I’m waist deep in their water

while they ride waves ever closer to my shore.

They seek what I offer.

I am pulled to what they are.


For a moment, as fish pass

from my hand to their mouth

we meet,

linked by this scaly offering

and our own separate hungers.


For a moment we are joined.

But the link cannot hold,

and we both know it.


The nudge of greeting

and the tug farewell are intertwined

as sea and land reclaim their own.


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