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Michelle Martin

Courtesan of Rouen

I have been known by many names

Bewitching lover

Scathing mistress

Ruler of all that is lustful


Gaze upon me as I select the most

virile of the pack

You can see, no fears reside here

My pride perched on the tallest of columns, for I have nothing to conceal


Taut breasts, delicately displayed

for my amusement, as I watch men with

wet tongues wagging, devour me with lascivious eyes

Their heat, palatable


I am who they want me to be


A prize-winning purebred, raised to be saddled

Crossing the finish line,

only when I have successfully consumed

a man's heart


I hear the salacious whispers,

of forked-tongued society monarchs

But it is their men that knock on my door,

as twilight surrenders and a wicked

moon sets in for the night


Eagerly they succumb to my enchanted gifts

Hot-blooded splendor their ice-queens

could never bestow


My movements, graceful as the swans of Avignon

Lips, painted in hues of velvet violets and juice filled currants

My scent, potent as saffron wine

Skin, translucent alabaster, supple under the weight of their desire


Kiss me now, and take my hand

And I, my love...

will take what is mine





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