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Corey Vehafric

†My Teachers


When Mom told me not to stick the knife in the outlet,


I did it anyway and now my hand is burnt.


When Dad said donít climb on the bookshelves,


I climbed to the top shelf and now my arm is broken.


When Mom said donít eat too much junk food,


I said too bad and now my stomach hurts.


When Dad said running with scissors was a bad idea,


I ran as fast as I could and now I have 13 stitches.


When Mom said I should be careful in love,


I said whatever and now I am nursing a broken heart.


It sometimes took more than words


to teach me a lesson.


And in order to help me fly,


My parents first had to watch me fall.


And now theyíre telling me to be careful in the world,


as I start my own life.


And Iím saying to them,


Donít worry, you taught me well.

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